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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 18

Hey! I forgot to tell you I'm in a ward and it is so much bigger than the branch I was in. There's like 300 people I think - sooooo much bigger. But its great, we get fed a ton more here. We had a dinner appointment every day this week except for Wednesday. It was great! I still don't cook. Cereal, peanut butter, bread,and pizza rolls is basically what I eat, but hey its great because now we get fed. We also had a dinner appointment yesterday and that was really good. We have had a good variety of food, but a lot of chicken - just about every dinner apointment has chicken. Sounds like Sunday was great! Tell both of them good luck for me. Sounds like the Lewis's should be having a good time on their cruise. This week was amazing! So we set a baptismal date with Spencer and teaching him is so much fun! One of the spanish elders had a good idea for teaching the restoration to Spencer. You use the game Janga. So I bought Janga and used it in the lesson and it was great, it helped a ton and it was a lot of fun! Then later in the week we found this less active that has an 11 year old grandoughter. So we are trying to reactivate her and we actually set a baptizmal date with Brooklin the 11 year old. It was great, we used janga for that lesson as well. Probably my favorite way to teach the restoration. We also tracked into another less active. Its so crazy how many less actives we tract into. Thats the second here and we had two in Bardstown. Anyway she got offended by some members about a lot of different things, so we apologized for what happened, but tried to help her come back to church. She doesn't understand tithing and we tried to explain the blessing but she didn't really listen. It was a great week anyway. It seemed way long but it was great. Yesterday was so amazing! We called a bunch of former investigators and one called back and told us we could come by! The wife is a less active and the husband is not a member and neither is the daughter. So we went over and talked with them - it was great. We are going back on Saturday and they are going to feed us, so that will be great! And another former called us and I don't know why she isn't baptized. She's met with missionaries for like 8 years and she sounds like a member, but she's not baptized so we are going to try to teach her as well as get her to church. Also we are working with Doug. He just married a member who is actually a RM. They're  like in their 40s. He is great. He has come to church twice and we are teaching him tonight after pday - so excited for him. Well, I think that's just about it. Hope you have a great summer. Enjoy the weather. The weather here has been amazing! Not too hot, but really nice all week. Well, have a great week! I love you so much!
                                                                       Love,  TJ

Nice look you two.  Chazz and T.J.

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