January 2013-January 2015

Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 31

Hey, what’s up? Yeah so transfers are next week so we will find out on Saturday. I can’t believe the transfer is over already. It feels like it just started. But yeah, Elder Johnson is hoping he gets transferred because he’s been here for like 6 months. I hope he stays because we get along so great. But I kind of think he will be transferred which is scary because I don’t know the area at all!  Well, it  sounds like you had a good week, I hope you all enjoyed the package I sent.
So this week was so amazing! Probably the best of my mission so far.  So on Tuesday we contacted this guy and started talking to him. He was kind of nuts.  Anyway we start talking to him and it starts raining just a bit, then it just starts pouring rain and we just talked for like 20 minutes in the rain. Then his wife came outside and told us to come in so we did. And we talked to him for like two hours - WAY TOO LONG BY THE WAY, but we just couldn’t get out. We tried like 10 times. It was bad. He started talking about like aliens and stuff. I'm pretty sure he was drunk and high - or just nuts. Either way  - I don’t know. Something about Adam and Eve coming from aliens. Anyway, random awesome story to look back on. It was super funny. So then we talked to Nolan’s dad about his baptism and he said that we could set a date for Nolan to be baptized when we go over because we were talking on the phone and he wanted Nolan to be there to get excited about it. So then we had a zone meeting on Friday and we had it on the basics like the book of Mormon, prayer and church, and following the spirit. So that night we went to an older guys house and I just wasn’t feeling like this is where we should be. So because I’m still learning the area I asked Elder Johnson how far away Ann lives and he said pretty far. And I was like, ok lets go see her, and he was like well ok. So we went over there and knocked on Ann’s door and talked about the Book of Mormon and church and she said she couldn’t come to church because she had like a conference or something she had to be at. So we invited her to come to the mission home fireside at 7 on Sunday and she said she could probably do that. Then we talked about baptism and set a baptismal date for September 21. So that was amazing. Then on Sunday we went to check up on Ann and she wasn’t home yet so we left and went some where else. Then I felt like we should go back and Elder Johnson didn’t really want to because it was out of our way, so I kind of argued my point some more. So then he thought about it for a few minutes and agreed to go. So we went to Ann’s and she wasn’t there. So I was bummed but we saw Sam and talked to him and told him to have Ann give us a call back and he said he would. So then we went to a less actives house and talked to her on her door step for a while and she really wasn’t interested in coming back. But we talked with her for longer than I thought we should but as we were leaving, I was going to grab my bike and this car stops in the middle of the road and starts talking to me. But I couldn’t hear him so I ran across the road and he asked if we were the Mormon missionaries and I was like yeah, and he asked if he could pull off the road and talk with us. And I was like YEAH! Of course! So he got off the road and we talked for like 15 minutes and he was really interested because the church he was going to had like 80 families and now it has like 20. And he was thinking that in the bible it says by the fruits ye shall know them, so he was thinking well I need something better. Then he was watching TV and saw something about Mormon missionaries and then saw us and he was like I have to talk to them! So yeah, that’s his side of the story. Anyway, at this point its like 5:50 and me and Elder Johnson are both like, hey do you want to come with us to this mission home fireside? They are really amazing. And he asked when and we said in an hour and he was like sure, got nothing else going on. So we were like sweet! So he went home and got changed and came and picked us up and drove us to the fireside and he loved it. It was great! Then we talked about the church the whole way home and he loved everything and basically believes everything already. And at the end of the night he was like, hey do you believe in laying on of hands? And we said well yeah and he bowed his head and said can you pray for me? So we gave him a blessing of comfort and counsel. And we also set a baptismal date with him BUT he’s not in our area so we have to refer him to the missionaries that cover that area. None the less it was an amazing week. I think everything lead up to us meeting him. All of the promptings that we were getting to follow the spirit and not get discouraged when we could see what the end result was going to be. I still don’t know the reasons for things but I do know that God loves us and will guide us as long as we are humble and will listen to what he is saying, and I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that this is the true church that Christ set up when he was on the earth, and I’m so thank full for the experiences I have had on my mission. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I LOVE MY MISSION SO MUCH!!  Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.  I love you so much! Have a great week.

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