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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 28

     Sorry,  I guess I was confusing. ,The kid in the picture was my MINE MTC comp.  - not my actual MTC comp. The mine MTC where we got two youth and showed them what being a missionary is like. That was him, my actual MTC comp was actually with Chazz for a transfer.
     Hey dad, sorry, I thought I answered those questions in the email I sent to mom, sorry about that. So transfers went well.  My comp is great, his name is Elder Johnson and he is from St. George. He has been out for 14 months. Our area is Rolling Hills. Its in Lyndon. Its the rich part of Louisville - very wealthy. The houses are massive and Anchorage is in my area - its where Papa Johns lives. The area is great and the members are amazing. They feed us well except for this week because we forgot to bring our dinner calendar. So yeah, we don’t have any dinner appointments for this week, but the ward is great. We got a referral from the Storms, a family in the ward. Their daughter’s friend is interested.  Her name is Sabrina. We taught the restoration and it was amazing. We hopefully have a lesson with her this week. And then there is Nolan. He is a 9 year old boy whose dad is a member but his mom is not. They are divorced, so the dad will have to get permission from the mom to baptize him. So yeah the work is going well.
     So the bike track was a lot of fun last Monday.  My biking is getting better -  I didn’t fall off this week so that was good.  So yeah, I had a cut on my hand from flipping over my bike but its all right now.  I liked the pics Forrest and Bailee drew for me about not dying on my bike, they were great!
 I’m feeling pretty good this week. I still feel anxiety but I think that’s normal for missionaries. The depression is getting better. I think the anxiety has picked up a bit -  that or ADD cuz I am having a hard time focusing. I’m kinda all over the place, but I don’t know I should be fine… So yeah I think that’s all, if I missed a question just ask it again. Like I said I can’t focus all that well so my mind is kind of everywhere so I hope I got every thing.  Oh yeah, we have to catch the bus to go get groceries and we almost missed our bus on the way back to the apartment because the Wal-Mart is a long ways away. We have a Walgreen’s but its not the same. Anyway I think that’s it. I love you so much! Have a great week. 

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