January 2013-January 2015

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 12

Hey guys how are you?  Yeah I can email friends, so if anyone wants they can email me. But that's only if we have time so I might have to hand write them. But I have only received mail from Jeff and a girl I met at the MTC and you. No one else has really written me but that's ok. If they want to Email that's ok. We get the Ensign so you don't have to send that to me. I am so excited for p day today! We went to a members home between conference sessions on Sunday and they gave us free tickets to the Civil War Museum so that's what we are doing today and I'm super excited for that. I bought a confederate blanket and flag last p day. I will send you pics of them they are really cool. So Elder Tolman goes home at the first of May so I will be getting a new comp next transfer - so in like 2 weeks. I'm getting nervous.  I really like Elder Tolman and am not looking forward to him leaving. But that's ok, I will deal with it. So mom, I heard you are making Forrest trunky!  That's kind of funny. It's really hard not to. I try super hard not to make Elder Tolman trunky because he only has 2 weeks left in his mission - its so crazy. Well, the work is going good. We have 3 more people with a baptism date. Amanda and Chris Metcalf - their date is May 25th. Tyler Shelby is 10 years old and his mom is less active - his is for June 1st. Well, same story as last week, we had 5 people commit and no one came to church. They want the blessings, but don't want to do anything about it. We have a new investigator who is very emotionally unstable. Her life is kind of a mess and we are trying to help her, but she doesn't want to help herself. We are working with a couple of those. We got fed 3 times this week. I haven't had to eat anything crazy. We did have instant potatoes that I didn't like, but that's the worst thing I have had and they weren't even that bad. I still eat cereal, toast, poptarts, and I can make mac and cheese. Its pretty impressive - I think so anyway. The weather was sooooooo nice! It got up to like 80 and humid. The humidity slapped me in the face! It was kind of rough, but super nice. My allergies are getting worse. I need to get something for my eyes as well. Well that's my week. Hope y'all had a good one! 

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