January 2013-January 2015

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 10

Hey ya'll how are you doing? Hope you're enjoying spring break. The baseball game sounds like a lot of fun, tell the Lewis' hi for me. So this week was great! Sooooooo much better than last week. We picked up like 10 new investigators and we actually got someone to church for the first time in like a month and a half so that was exciting! She is a less active mother in her mid 20s and has two kids who are accountable and two younger kids. We taught this girl who is also mid 20s.  She's single and has a 4 year old boy named Hunter. She couldn't come to church this week but promised us that she will be there next week.  For Easter we had lunch with Brother Hubberd and that was really good. Then we had dinner at the Campbells and they had all their kids and grandkids there. It was fun! The food was really good and it felt like being at grandma's for Easter because there were a lot of  kids, but they were all super awesome!  I love the Campbells, they are super awesome! That was the Randy Campbells.  Jim is his brother and we had dinner with them on like Tuesday and his birthday was the next day, so they invited us back for cake and ice cream. They are super great people. So I kind of expected to hear more about the tourney but I really haven't.  People aren't going crazy for Louisville yet but probably will later this week. Go Cardinals!  That would be so cool if they won it - I hope they do. The weather here is spotty.  One day it will be in the 70s, the next its raining or snowing, but the weekend was gorgeous weather. It was mid 70s Saterday and Sunday, so really good. On Saterday we tried to track Main Street and had no success there. People were in a  hurry or something. Then they wished us a happy Easter and we thought it to be ironic because its a holiday about Christ but no one wanted to hear a message about Christ. We thought it was kinda funny, but it was a much better week all in all. I hope you enjoy the break. Have a good week! 

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