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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 11

Hey, how is everyone? I'm glad you all enjoyed spring break. We are certainly enjoying spring weather. It has been in the 70s all week - it's really great.   Conference was amazing, we didn't get anyone there.  We had like 5 people commit, but no one came. We are trying to get people to keep commitments. The people are great, but they just don't understand that they actually have to do something - not just go to confession and be saved. There are a lot of non denominational people who are like . . . nope, I'm saved, and I'm ok - good luck. Anyway its kind of frustrating but I will be all right. My favorite talk was Elder Holland. His talk was a throw down! It was great, I loved it!  I like the talks about every member a missionary because we struggle with getting the members excited. It is getting better though, so little by little I guess. Patience is not a strength for me so the Lord is helping me make it a strength, because patience is a virtue and I need His help for everything and am being blessed so much! The work is moving forward. We are doing a lot we have some people who we are working with: Helana has a bap date for June 7th.  Lanisha and her daughter have a bap date for May 25th, and we met Josh yesterday. He is 17 years old and is in the army and is nervous about basic training. He wants to be baptized before he goes, so we have a date for May 18th.  I got bit by Helana's dog on Saturday. That thing is so dumb! It's a tiny yappy dog and  thankfully it only got my pants, not my skin but it was close. It was really random, it just snapped and bit me. It was fine for like ten minutes when we were there, but as we were leaving it snapped. 
Well, it sounds like everyone had a good break. That's good.  I'm loving my mission and am so blessed to be here to serve. There is nothing I would rather be doing. It's hard at times, but I know as long as I trust in the Lord all will be ok and my weaknesses will become strengths. Thanks for helping me have this chance to serve. I am being blessed every day. The people are so amazing and I love being able to help them come closer to their Savior.  I hope your week was as great as mine and I hope you enjoyed conference as well. It was so great to hear the words of the prophet and his apostles.  I know this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  I love what I'm doing and am so thankful for the chance I have to serve. I love you so much and am thankful for all you do for me.  Love you tons!
Elder Tolman drew this for T.J.

Elder Tolman's mom made these for the Elders

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