January 2013-January 2015

Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 5

Thanks mom for Jeff's address. Apparently you didn't get my letter that I sent to you after I emailed because I forgot a few things. Will you also send me Lewis' and Chris' addresses?  My mind is so fried. My head hurts all the time.  My feet don't hurt too much - no blisters. Yes, I forgot to drain the water before I added the milk and cheese. Don't laugh at me!  It wasn't funny!  I'm glad its p-day because I almost ran out of food! I had like one hot dog left so I'm super excited for food! Yeah for p-day! 
    That's cool about Porter's call, tell him good luck and that I'm proud of him. And it sounds like Sterling did a good job. I love the picture you sent me, its awesome!   Anyway, people here don't have a super thick accent but everyone says y'all.  They don't really say any other crazy words but there are some people who talk so fast and I'm like - What??????????????????? did you say?  I don't say that but some of them talk really fast. One recent convert, his name is Tomas Karr, he's super cool but I have to concentrate really hard to know what he's saying. The people are great though. So I forgot to tell you that when I got to my apartment it was trashed. It was so gross! Elder Tolman's last companion was a slob, so last p-day that's all we did was clean - it was so gross! Yes, Bardstown is the bourbon capital of the world and it smells like bread all the time.  That's what bourbon smells like. It's kinda like bread but I don't know how to explain it. But yeah, the stores are really cool.  There is a place called My Kentucky Home. It is a really cool old house.  There is a lot of Civil War history in Bardstown, it's really neat. There is a Civil War Museum, but we haven't been to see any of it yet.  Sorry, my mind is gone so if I didn't answer a question just ask it again next week.
   So this week we did a lot of tracting. It was fun. We got 16 new investigators, so this week we should have more lessons to teach. Last week everyone kept standing us up or canceling, so that was frustrating.  The Woodbury's spoke in our sacrament meeting this week. It was really good. They are really cool. We had one investigator at church, his name is Mo.  Kathy was going to come but she was sick. And then we had a fireside at the mission home and if missionaries want to go we have to get a recent convert or investigator to come. We also have to get a ride if the investigator can't drive because we only have a certain amount of miles that we can drive. So Hans Wright, a member, took us. He's really cool. He likes to help us.  Our investigator's  name is Chevell. He's an awesome black guy with dreds. He's super cool. The fireside was great, the spirit was so strong there - it was awesome. This coming Saturday we have a mission wide conference. There will be two apostles there - Elder Cook and Elder L Tom Perry, so that's really cool. I'm excited for that. One of the Elders in the district is the grandson of Elder Perry so that's cool. There is also an Elder Murphy and his dad is Dale Murphy, the baseball player - so that is really cool too. He is one of the assistants to the president so he's super awesome! Well I think that's about it, sorry I don't have more, but if I forgot something, which I probably did, I will send you a letter.  I'm surprised you didn't get my letter I sent yet. That's upsetting. Anyway  I love you. I hope you have a great week. Love TJ. 

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