January 2013-January 2015

Sunday, January 27, 2013

First letter from MTC

Hey its finally P-Day, kinda. We are only doing laundry and writing letters - me doing laundry, that's kinda funny! Hopefully I don't screw it up too much. Its been amazing so far. I am having so much fun! My companion is awesome, his name is Elder Leany. He is really cool. He's from Lindon Utah and he was in the military. My roommates are Elder Butterfield and Elder Jacobson, the other elders in the district are Elder Flathers and Elder Prichet. The classes are good. We have 2 practice investigators and that is really neat to see where we are as missionaries.  The food is pretty good, so far I like it. There is tons of ice cream which is awesome! I'm going to be soooo fat! I didn't get to see Matt for too long. I saw him for 20 minutes and then I saw him for 10 seconds today after gym. Today we got to play basketball for gym. That was so much fun especially after sitting all day. The schedule is crazy! No down time at all. I saw Kory and Brian Adlard yesterday I think. The days are so long it feels like I have been here for a week! It's good, I love it. It's really fun. We have gym every other dayish and my next p day will be on Friday. How are you guys doing? How's Bailee? She said the game was good and it went in to double half time! ha ha! I thought that was awesome! I made fun of her. Tell her I don't have time to email her but I am sending a letter so she should have it soon. Well I love and miss you guys. Life is amazing! Love you so much! Your favorite MTC missionary - Elder Sutherland 

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