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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 8

So IQ means Inspired questions, or in other words street contacting - just a fancy name for it. So we got a ton of new investigators, I think we got 21 this week. So we are finding like banchees but they are not following through very well. We found this less active who isn't on the branch records and she has a 9 year old son who isn't baptized.  We are having dinner with her and the Campbells. The Campbells are an older member family, they are way nice. We got fed twice on Wednesday - we had dinner at a recent convert's house and we had pizza. It was so good and she gave us cupcakes too!  Then our branch mission leader took us to a buffet and we had a correlation meeting.  Today we are going to Leben with the other elders in our district because one of them is getting transferred. So we are going to play basketball and stuff there. Usually all we do is write letters, clean, and relax on p-day. We also buy food and do laundry and stuff, so its always a good time. My headaches are getting a lot better. I only had like 2 this week. So the Graves, the famliy with a lot of kids, we weren't able to see them this week, but we have an appointment today after dinner so I'm way excited. The members here are really nice but we need to get them to be more excited about missionary work. They like us but don't really want to do anything, which is kinda lame, but we are working with them. We think that if we have the members help, more appointments will stick, because we find a lot of people but they stand us up or really aren't interested. It's kinda frustrating. 
  We went to a baptism in Etown and we had an investigator who was going to come, but she never came and we were super bummed out because we talked to her the night before and she said she was going to be there. But the baptism was good. I didn't know her but Elder Tolman taught her before she moved to Etown, which is like a half hour away. One of the speakers didn't show up, so they asked me to give a talk on baptism. I only had 15 minutes to prepare for it and I thought it went well, then this guy stands up and was like, can I say something?  So he goes up there and talks and I felt a little dissed because I felt like he didn't need to go up there.  It destroyed my self confidence, but I guess that's just me being prideful, but it really bugged me.  Well, that's my rant. The baptism was really good, she was awesome and I am happy for her.  So yeah, that's basically my week. Thanks for making the music, I really appreciate it.  Hope you have a super duper week. Later.
  Love TJ

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